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Building a Future You Hoped For!

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To us the hub means an equal opportunity to education and to the same resources as other teenagers who don't have children.


Build a future you hoped for!



The Young Parents' Hub is  replicable model that brings together client-focused, integrated services in a safe space to empower vulnerable families to change the trajectory of their lives through learning, education and employment.


Key Participants

The focus is on developing a dual pathway of learning for vulnerable families and their young children. It is also open to other vulnerable people looking for adult learning opportunities. 



To build a sustainable model that maximised its social impact and has the potential to grow.


Core Values

Participants attribute much of the success of the Hub the culture and environment built around a central cafe and a number of core values;


Inspiring Providing opportunities to grow

Welcoming Feels like a home

Respectful Socially and culturally non-judgemental

Responsive Flexibly meeting needs as they arise

Holistic Ensuring broader wellbeing


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Our Services


St Philip’s Christian College DALE Young Parents

We have two campuses located in Newcastle and Wyong, providing flexible learning environments, onsite early learning education for their babies whilst they study, wellbeing support to ensure they are connected with agencies and services that assist with parenting and life issues; ultimately resulting in the successful completion and achievement of their high school certificate and transition into tertiary education. 


Narnia - Preschool & Early Childhood Care

Narnia Early Childhood within the Young Parents' Hub caters for the children of the students in the DALE Young Parents’ School and V.E.T courses, with every early childhood educator promoting the spiritual, emotional, social, physical, cognitive and language development of all children; so they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.


Room Hire

The Young Parents' Hub is a vibrant, comfortable space with facilities and conference room available for business meetings, training workshops, staff planning days and more.


The Pantry

The Young Parent’s Hub has within, a food bank available for everyone called ‘The Pantry’.

The Pantry provides families in the community with the opportunity to purchase quality, low-cost groceries.

The location is easily accessible by public transport and is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.