Brave SEPT Mentor

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The Brave SEPT (Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens) Program is an interactive Pathway Plan created for expecting and parenting teens, to ensure they are connected to parenting support, life support and educational opportunities in their local communities. 

Brave Foundation provides each expecting and parenting teen with a tailored Pathway Plan that is supported by a Brave SEPT Mentor. Our NSW Mentor is Melissa Rogers, supporting young parents across Newcastle and the Central Coast, based in the partnership locations of SPCC DALE Young Parents.

The Brave Pathway Plan enables expecting and parenting teens to identify their aspirations, goals and ambitions in further study and/or engage in training and employment within their own communities. 

Expecting and parenting teens are encouraged through the pathway plan over a two-year period, to maximise their learning as a parent as it applies to other areas of their lives and careers. 

The pathway plan shows the value of parenting in a recognised learning framework, which may contribute towards further education and employment opportunities over time.


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