Building a Future You Hoped For!

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To us the hub means an equal opportunity to education and to the same resources as other teenagers who don't have children.


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Build a future you hoped for!



The Young Parents' Hub is  replicable model that brings together client-focused, integrated services in a safe space to empower vulnerable families to change the trajectory of their lives through learning, education and employment.


Key Participants

The focus is on developing a dual pathway of learning for vulnerable families and their young children. It is also open to other vulnerable people looking for adult learning opportunities. 



To build a sustainable model that maximised its social impact and has the potential to grow.


Core Values

Participants attribute much of the success of the Hub the culture and environment built around a central cafe and a number of core values;



Providing opportunities to grow


Feels like a home


Socially and culturally non-judgemental


Flexibly meeting needs as they arise


Ensuring broader wellbeing

Our Services