SPCC DALE Young Parents


What is St Philip's Christian College DALE Young Parents?


St Philip's Christian College DALE Young Parents', Wyong is an alternative education program that has been established for the Wyong local government area as part of the Federal Government’s initiative to support school aged young people who have had or are expecting a child. The people who are working to deliver this program include: 

St Philip’s Christian College Gosford (the school responsible for the educational program), YouthConnections.com.au program staff (for community networking and support) and Federal Government (providing Communities for Children funding through the Benevolent Society), funded by the Australian

Government Department of Human Services under the Better Futures, Local Solutions initiative.


Will this program suit me? Are the hours the same as my old school?

Yes, classes run from 8.50am until 3.10pm. However, the timetable is flexible and attendance dependent upon student subject selection. Below is a list of questions with which you may have been wrestling. If they apply to you, then this is the schooling program that you should check out.


How can I find a program that is supportive enough for me to deal with having to care for a child?

This program has on-site child care to mind your child in a nurturing environment while you study.


Will the program also be flexible enough while I get involved with other life demand of parenting?

This program offers Board of Studies courses for Year 9 to 12 students. It will also be supplemented with workshops on parenting, lifestyle skills, nutritional cooking and other relevant topics.


Will it help me be well connected? 

Support and links with service providers who may assist with needs such as accommodation within a culture of peer support and community support.


Are the hours the same as my old school?

No. The school has opened initially three days per week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) from 9am – 2.30pm during school terms.


What happens to my baby while I am in class?

The program has an on-site crèche run by childcare staff. This will enable you to be close by while you study, and you will have meals and other important times with them.