The Benevolent Society


The Benevolent Society is a disabillity service that believes every person deserves a loving and safe family. For people with a diagnosed disability and either an NDIS package or in the preplanning process, we offer a range of services help them thrive. Our services include parenting support and coaching, early childhood development programs, and specialist support when challenges arise.

With Case Managers on site Tuesday weekly, TBS can provide support in the following areas:

  • Psychology - assessment, behaviour support, Counselling and training.
  • Behaviour support - Goal setting, skill building, training and support, Assessment, monitoring and reporting
  • Speech Pathology - Eating & Drinking, Understanding Language, Social Skills, Saying words, Voice and fluency, Speech sounds, Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Occupational Therapy - Self-care, Leisure & Recreation, Transport, Sensory processing, Environmental Modifications, Equipment, parent and carer education, positioning.
  • Coordination of support - billable to the NDIA, Coordination of support is about coordinating client's services in their NDIS plan. There needs to be allocated funding for this service.

Karen Coughlin is available all day Tuesday's weekly.